Timetables & maps

  • Hexham to Haltwhistle

    via Chesters Roman Fort, Housesteads Roman Fort, The Sill, Vindolanda Roman Fort, Walltown Roman Army Museum and Greenhead

  • Great Park to Wallsend

    via Regent Centre, Gosforth, Jesmond, Newcastle, Quayside, St Peter's Basin and Walker

  • R2

    Blaydon to Woodside Gardens

    via Crookhill and Ryton

  • Consett to Delves

    via Delves Lane

  • Crookhall to The Dene

    via Consett, Templetown, Leadgate and Medomsley

  • Newcastle to Easington Lane and Peterlee

    via Gateshead, Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Wrekenton, Springwell Village, Washington, Shiney Row, Houghton-le-Spring, Hetton-le-Hole, Easington Lane, South Hetton and Easington Village

  • Durham to Consett and Castleside

    via University Hospital of North Durham, Witton Gilbert, Lanchester, Delves (X5) or Leadgate (X15), Consett and Moorside

  • Sunderland to Peterlee

    via Grangetown, Seaham, Spectrum Business Park and Dalton Park

  • Newcastle to Middlesbrough

    via Gateshead, Heworth, Dalton Park, Peterlee, Billingham, Norton and Stockton

  • Sunderland to Durham and Langley Park

    via East Herrington, Doxford International (peaks), Houghton-le-Spring, Rainton Bridge, Belmont, Durham, University Hospital of North Durham, Arnison Centre, Sacriston and Witton Gilbert

  • Newcastle to Bishop Auckland and West Auckland

    via Gateshead, Low Fell, Chester-le-Street, Framwellgate Moor, Durham, Tudhoe, Spennymoor, Bishop Auckland and Tindale Crescent

  • Newcastle to Stanley

    via Dunston, Whickham, Sunniside and Shield Row (X30) or East Stanley (X31)

  • Newcastle to Cobalt Park

  • Newcastle to Consett

    via Metrocentre, Winlaton Mill, Rowlands Gill, Ebchester, Shotley Bridge and Blackhill

  • Metrocentre Coach Park to St James' Park

    Park & Ride for Newcastle United home games

  • X62

    Peterlee to Durham

    via Horden, Easington Colliery, Easington Village, South Hetton, High Pittington and Belmont

  • Gateshead to Metrocentre

  • Newcastle to Consett

    via Gateshead, Lobley Hill, Sunniside, Burnopfield, Medomsley and Leadgate

  • Newcastle to Stanley

    via Gateshead, Lobley Hill, Sunniside, Flint Hill, Dipton and Annfield Plain

  • X75

    Newcastle to Belsay Hall, Bolam Lake and Wallington Hall

    via Ponteland

  • X78

    Newcastle to Darras Hall

    via Kenton Bar, Bank Foot, Airport and Ponteland

  • The service Coaster 1 has disruptions

    Whitley Bay to Newcastle and Metrocentre

    via Cullercoats, Marden Estate, Tynemouth, North Shields, Percy Main, Howdon, Wallsend, Walkergate, Byker, Newcastle, Gateshead, Bensham, Lobley Hill, Whickham, Fellside Park and Swalwell

    • Long term road closure at Tynemouth affecting service 1

      15th Jan 2024 onwards

      Due to a long term road closure at Tynemouth, service 1 towards Newcastle & Metro Centre is diverted.
      Bus stops at Beach Road, Grand Parade and Percy Park Road will not be served, instead buses will operate via Broadway serving all stops on the diversionary route.

  • Silksworth to Washington

    via Hollycarrside, Leechmere ASDA (2A), Grangetown, Sunderland, Royal Hospital, Hastings Hill, Penshaw, Fatfield, Harraton (2) and Lambton (2) or Biddick (2A)

  • Heworth to Houghton-le-Spring

    via Follingsby Amazon, Usworth, Concord, Washington, Glebe, Fatfield, Shiney Row, Bournmoor and Fence Houses

  • Jarrow to South Shields

    via Hedworth, Fellgate Estate , Boldon Colliery, Boldon ASDA, East Boldon (5A), Cleadon (5A), Whiteleas Estate, South Tyneside Hospital, Chichester and Westoe

  • 6

    Newcastle to Stanley and Lanchester

    via Metrocentre, Whickham, Watergate Estate, Sunniside, Flint Hill, Burnopfield, Tanfield Lea, Stanley, South Moor and Burnhope

  • Stanley to Sunderland

    via Beamish Museum, Grange Villa, Pelton, Chester-le-Street, Rickleton, Harraton, Glebe, Washington, Waterview Park, Teal Farm, Castletown (8) and Hylton Riverside Park (8) or Hastings Hill (8A) and Royal Hospital (8A)

  • 9

    Sunderland to Jarrow

    via Fulwell, East Boldon, West Boldon, Boldon ASDA and Boldon Colliery

  • Newcastle to Hexham (10), Blackhall Mill (10A) or Prudhoe (10B)

    via Metrocentre, Blaydon, Ryton and Crawcrook

  • 12

    Newcastle to Winlaton

    via Newcastle Business Park, Scotswood Road, Blaydon, Parkhead Estate, Hanover Estate and Heddon View

  • Durham to Consett and Shotley Bridge Hospital

    via University Hospital of North Durham, Sacriston, Craghead, South Stanley (16 & 16B) or South Moor (16A & 16B), Stanley, Annfield Plain, Flint Hill, Dipton and Leadgate

  • Sunderland to Durham and University Hospital of North Durham

    via East Herrington, Houghton-le-Spring, Hall Lane Estate (20) or Rainton Bridge (20A), East Rainton, West Rainton, Belmont, Gilesgate, Durham, University Hospital of North Durham (20), Arnison Centre (20), Sacriston (20) and Witton Gilbert (20)

  • Newcastle to Durham and Brandon

    via Gateshead, Low Fell, Gateshead Angel, Birtley, Barley Mow, Chester-le-Street, Plawsworth, Arnison Centre, University Hospital of North Durham, Durham and Langley Moor

  • 24

    South Shields to Sunderland

    via Westoe, Harton Nook, Cleadon and Fulwell

  • 25

    Newcastle to Chester-le-Street

    via Gateshead, Low Fell, Allerdene, Harlow Green Estate, Wrekenton, Portobello and Barley Mow.

  • 26

    South Shields to Lukes Lane Estate

    via Chichester, South Tyneside Hospital, South Leam Estate, Kirkstone Avenue, Valley View, Jarrow, Hebburn and Monkton Lane Estate

  • Newcastle to South Shields

    via Gateshead, Felling, Heworth, Pelaw, Monkton Lane Estate, Hebburn, Jarrow, Tyne Dock, Chichester and Westoe

  • Newcastle to Chester-le-Street

    via Gateshead, Saltwell Road (29), Low Fell (28B & 29), Queen Elizabeth Hospital (28), Wrekenton (28), Kibblesworth (28B & 29), Birtley (28 & 28B), Ouston, Pelton, High Handenhold (28 & 29) or Newfield (28B), Beamish Museum, Grange Villa and Pelton Fell

  • Silksworth to Sunderland and Docks

    via Barnes Park

  • 34

    Waldridge to Ouston and Urpeth Grange

    via The Avenue, Waldridge Park Roundabout, Garden Farm Estate, Chester-le-Street, Pelaw Estate and Pelton

  • Boldon to Low Moorsley

    via Cotswolds Estate, Boldon ASDA, Town End Farm, Hylton Castle, Castletown, Hylton Riverside Retail Park, Southwick, Sunderland, Royal Hospital, Durham Road (35) or Silksworth (35A), East Herrington, Houghton-le-Spring, Hetton Downs and Hetton-le-Hole

  • Pennywell and Sunderland to Washington (39), Houghton-le-Spring (39A) or Doxford International (39B)

    via Royal Hospital, Sunderland, Grangetown, Ryhope, Esdale Estate (39A) or Tunstall Bank Estate (39B), Tunstall Village, Doxford Park, Doxford International, East Herrington (39), Herrington Burn (39), Shiney Row (39) and Biddick Woods Estate (39)

  • Wallsend to Hadrian Park

    via Hadrian Lodge (41A), High Farm and Battle Hill

  • Newcastle to Consett

    via Metrocentre, Winlaton Mill, Rowlands Gill, Highfield, High Spen, Chopwell, Blackhall Mill, Ebchester, Shotley Bridge, Bridgehill and Consett Tesco

  • Gateshead to Winlaton

    via Bolam Street, Dunston, Metrocentre, Swalwell, Blaydon (49) or Shibdon Bank (49A) and Parkhead Estate (49A)

  • 50

    Durham to South Shields and Marsden Bay

    via University Hospital of North Durham, Arnison Centre, Waldridge, Chester-le-Street, Rickleton, Ayton, Lambton, Washington, Concord, Nissan, Boldon ASDA, Whiteleas Estate and Chichester

  • 51

    Gateshead to Gateshead circular

    via Carr Hill, Felling Square, Heworth, Leam Lane Estate, Springwell Estate, Wrekenton, Low Fell, Dryden Road and Shipcote

  • 52

    Gateshead to Gateshead circular

    via Shipcote, Dryden Road, Low Fell, Wrekenton, Springwell Estate, Leam Lane Estate, Heworth, Felling Square and Carr Hill

  • Newcastle to Saltwell Park circular

    via Quayside, Sage Gateshead, Gateshead, Coatsworth Road, Saltwell Park, Bensham Road and Central Station

  • Newcastle to Saltwell Park circular

    via Central Station, Bensham Road, Saltwell Park, Coatsworth Road, Gateshead, Sage Gateshead and Quayside

  • Newcastle to Sunderland

    via Gateshead, Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Wrekenton, Springwell Village, Donwell, Concord, Sulgrave, Nissan, Hylton Castle and Southwick

  • 57

    Newcastle to Wardley

    via Gateshead, Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Beacon Lough Estate, Whitehills Estate, Leam Lane Estate, Heworth and Ellen Wilkinson Estate

  • Newcastle to Heworth and Follingsby Amazon

    via Gateshead, Felling Square, Windy Nook, Whitehills Estate, Leam Lane Estate and Heworth

  • Sunderland to Parkside

    Grangetown, Ryhope, New Seaham, Seaham and Dawdon

  • Sunderland to Murton and Peterlee

    via Ashbrooke (61A), Grangetown, Ryhope, New Seaham, Dalton Park, Murton, Easington Lane, South Hetton and Easington Village

  • Seaham to Durham

    via New Seaham, Dalton Park, Murton, Hetton-le-Hole, Low Moorsley, Low Pittington, Belmont and Gilesgate

  • Newcastle to Hexham

    via Cowgate, Westerhope, Callerton, Ponteland, Stamfordham, Matfen, Great Whittington and Oakwood

  • Sunderland to Consett

    via Royal Hospital, Hastings Hill, Penshaw, Shiney Row, Bournmoor, Great Lumley, Chester-le-Street, Pelton, Craghead, South Stanley, Stanley, Annfield Plain, Greencroft and Leadgate

  • 79

    Barnwell to Hall Lane Estate

    via Shiney Row, Success, Newbottle, Burnside Estate and Houghton-le-Spring

  • Sunderland and Washington to Gateshead

    via Hylton Riverside Park, Castletown, Waterview Park, Teal Farm, Barmston Court, Washington Village, Washington, Lambton, Ayton, Barley Mow, Portobello, Birtley, Eighton Banks, Wrekenton, Harlow Green, Allerdene and Low Fell

  • Queen Elizabeth Hospital to Waterview Park

    via Wrekenton, Birtley, Barley Mow, Portobello, Barley Mow, Ayton, Lambton, Washington, Barmston Court and Teal Farm

  • 83A

    Heworth to Chester-le-Street

    via Usworth, Concord, Washington, Biddick, Fatfield, Harraton, Rickleton and Barley Mow

  • Coach Road Estate to Concord circular

    via Concord, Peel Retail Park, Barmston, Brady Square, Biddick, Washington, Oxclose, Blackfell, B&Q and Donwell

  • Concord to Coach Road Estate circular

    via Donwell, B&Q, Blackfell, Oxclose, Washington, Biddick, Brady Square, Barmston, Peel Retail Park and Concord

  • 91

    West Chirton to Team Valley

    via Battle Hill, High Farm, Wallsend, Walker, Byker and Newcastle

  • 92

    Heworth to Team Valley

    via Leam Lane Estate, Springwell Estate, Wrekenton and Allerdene

  • 93

    Gateshead to Team Valley circular

    via The Glasshouse (eves only), Gateshead College, Saltmeadows Road, Gateshead Stadium, Heworth, Felling Square, Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Low Fell, Team Valley and Bensham Road

  • 94

    Gateshead to Team Valley circular

    via Bensham Road, Team Valley, Low Fell, Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Felling Square, Heworth, Gateshead Stadium, Saltmeadows Road, Gateshead College and The Glasshouse (eves only)

  • 96

    Gateshead to Metrocentre

    via Lobley Hill, Knightside Gardens and Dunston

  • 99

    Hylton Castle to Grangetown

    via Castletown, Hylton Retail Park, Pallion and Royal Hospital

  • Peterlee to North West Industrial Estate and Bracken Hill

    via Beverley Way

  • Peterlee to Hutton Henry

    via Horden, Blackhall, Hesleden, Castle Eden, Wingate and Station Town

  • Peterlee to Easington Village

    via Horden, Easington Colliery and Holme Hill Estate

  • Peterlee to Horden circular

    via Crawford Avenue, Horden Hall Estate, Horden, Horden Rail Station, Alder Road and Thorntree Gill

  • Peterlee to Horden circular

    via Thorntree Gill, Alder Road, Horden Rail Station, Horden, Horden Hall Estate and Crawford Avenue

  • Newcastle to North Shields (307) or Blyth (309)

    via Coast Road, High Farm, Battle Hill, Hadrian Park (307), Meadow Well (307), Cobalt Park (309), North Tyneside Hospital (309), Whitley Bay (309) and Seaton Sluice (309)

  • 317

    Wallsend to Whitley Bay

    via Holy Cross, Howdon, Percy Main, Royal Quays, North Shields, Preston Grange and North Tyneside Hospital

  • 327

    DFDS Ferry Terminal to Newcastle

    Shuttle service to connect with DFDS Newcastle to Ijmuiden ferry

  • Newcastle to Cramlington

    via Freeman Hospital, South Gosforth, Four Lane Ends, Quorum, Killingworth, Camperdown, Burradon, Annitsford and Dudley

  • North Shields to Cramlington

    via New York, Cobalt, Shiremoor, Backworth, Killingworth, Camperdown, Burradon, Annitsford and Dudley

  • Newcastle to North Shields

    via Gosforth, South Gosforth, Four Lane Ends, Quorum, Killingworth, Backworth, Shiremoor, Cobalt and New York

  • Newcastle to Forest Hall

    via South Gosforth, Longbenton and Benton

  • 392

    Marden Estate to Tyneview Park and Benton Park View

    via Tynemouth, North Shields, Billy Mill, Willington Square and Wallsend

  • 643

    Metrocentre ASDA to Sunniside

    via IKEA, Metrocentre, Whickham and Fellside Park

  • Hexham to Bellingham

    via Acomb, Wall Village, Humshaugh and Wark

  • Alston to Birdoswald Roman Fort

    via Slaggyford, Halton Lea Gate, Lambley, Park Village, Haltwhistle, Greenhead and Gilsland

  • Hexham to West Woodburn

    via Acomb, Wall Village, Barrasford and Ridsdale

  • Hexham Town Service

    serving Aldi, Railway Station, Bus Station, East End, Wydon Park, Priestlands, Bus Station, East End, General Hospital, Bus Station, Railway Station and Aldi

  • Hexham to Newcastle

    via Beaufront, Corbridge, Ovington, Ovingham, Wylam, Heddon-on-the-Wall, Throckley, Denton Burn and Newcastle General Hospital

  • Prudhoe to Wylam

    via West Wylam and Crawcrook

  • Hexham to Newbrough

    via Queen Elizabeth High School, St Andrews Cemetery and Fourstones

  • Hexham to Allenheads

    via Low Gate, Langley, Catton, Allendale, Sinderhope and Sparty Lea

  • Hexham to Consett

    via Dilston, Slaley Hall, Whittonstall Village, Ebchester, Shotley Bridge and Blackhill

  • Sunderland Connect

    serving Sunderland City Centre & The Bridges, Royal Hospital, City Campus, Stadium of Light, Aquatic Centre, National Glass Centre, St Peter's Campus and Museum & Winter Gardens

  • St Peter's Campus to City Campus and Clanny House

  • 700

    Chester-le-Street Town Service

    serving Pelaw Bank and Hilda Park

  • 701

    Chester-le-Street Town Service

    serving The Avenue, Gibside and Waldridge Park

  • 702

    Chester-le-Street Town Service

    serving Park Road North and North Lodge

  • 703

    Chester-le-Street Town Service

    serving Pelton, Newfield and Pelton Fell

  • 794

    Stanley to Tyneview Park and Benton Park View

    via Tanfield Lea, Burnopfield, Sunniside, Whickham and Lobley Hill

  • 933

    Winlaton to Team Valley

    via Barlow, High Spen, Highfield, Rowlands Gill, Burnopfield, Sunniside, Whickham and Lobley Hill

  • 935

    Witherwack to Sunderland

    via Downhill, Town End Farm, Hylton Castle, Castletown, Pallion and Royal Hospital

  • 937

    Chester-le-Street to Team Valley

    via Barley Mow and Birtley

  • 939

    Sunderland to Team Valley

    via Southwick, Waterview Park, Concord and Washington

  • 941

    Team Valley to Stanhope Street

    via Metrocentre, Lemington, Denton Burn, West Road and Newcastle General Hospital

  • Team Valley Sainsbury's Shopper's Service

    serving Harlow Green, Wrekenton, Springwell Estate, Whitehills Estate, Beacon Lough Estate, Sheriff Hill and Low Fell

  • RVI Hospital to Freeman Hospital

    Inter-site Shuttle Service for use by NHS staff only