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Buy tickets, see where your bus is on our live bus map and departure boards, find your nearest bus stop and plan your journey.
How many seats are left on my bus?
Our live tracking feature tells you how many seats are left on your bus, whether it will be a single or double-decker, and much more.
Welcome to Flexility, a smartcard that can be used as a bus ticket and your car key with Co-Wheels car club.
Check the best times to travel with our new tool that uses a dynamic prediction engine to forecast which journeys will be quieter.
Have a great day out in Whitby and Scarborough with us
Fancy a great day out on the North Yorkshire coast? Our quick Seasider X11 bus will give you about 7 hours in Whitby or 6 in Scarborough.
Beamish Museum Express | B1
Catch our Beamish Museum Express B1 to the heart of the museum from Newcastle, Gateshead and Chester-le-Street.
NewcastleGateshead Toon Tour
Welcome to the NewcastleGateshead Toon Tour, the hop-on hop-off open top city tour bus from local bus company Go North East.
AD122 Hadrian's Wall Country Bus
The Hadrian’s Wall Country Bus makes it easy to explore our Roman heritage and get out and about in some of the most spectacular landscapes.
Northern Coaching
Northern Coaching is the name for the contract coaching operations of the North East’s largest bus operator, Go North East.
Get on board with contactless
No change? No problem! Contactless is accepted on all our buses for tickets up to the value of £30.
Bring your bike on board
Knowing there are terrific cycle rides to enjoy along some of our bus routes, we’ve made sure we can now carry 2 bikes securely on board.
Buses for Newcastle United matches
We run a wide range of frequent services to the heart of Newcastle, as well as two dedicated Park & Ride routes.