How to catch the bus

How to catch the busWe've put together this handy guide to help you when travelling by bus. 

Planning ahead

Getting on the bus

  • Try to get to the bus stop 5 minutes before it’s actually due – don’t forget you can track the bus in real time using our app.
  • Put your hand out clearly and in good time to let the driver know that you want to board.
  • Allow people to get off the bus before you try to get on – why not get your app or payment method ready while you wait?
  • If you’re paying by contactless, tell the driver which ticket you’d like, then place your card on the machine when they’re ready
  • When waiting for the bus at night, use your phone screen light to attract the driver’s attention

Travelling on the bus

  • Find a seat and enjoy the journey – if it’s a double decker, try to sit upstairs if possible and leave downstairs for those less able
  • Remember to be kind – if you’re sitting in a wheelchair or buggy bay, please give up these seats if either a wheelchair or buggy tries to board
  • If the bus is getting full and there are no seats, stand towards the rear of the bus – it’ll help people get on/off quicker, and allow more people on too!
  • Be considerate to fellow customers – please don’t vape or smoke, don’t eat hot food, drink uncovered hot drinks or open alcohol
  • If you’re listening to music or watching a movie, please do it using headphones – your taste in music might not be everyone else’s
  • When taking a call, please be respectful of other customers, use headphones rather than loudspeaker

Getting off the bus

  • Many of our buses have next stop announcements, listen out for your stop being called if you’re unsure where to get off
  • Press the bell once to let the driver know that you want to get off – no need to worry if someone else has already pressed it
  • Please help us keep our buses tidy, take any rubbish with you when you leave
  • Don’t forget to thank the driver when you get off the bus

Hail and Ride

In some areas where there are no physical bus stops, we operate a ‘Hail and Ride’ system.

Getting on the bus

  • Stand in a safe location, away from a junction if possible and put your hand out clearly for the bus to stop.
  • If there are a few people waiting, please try to stand together.

Getting off the bus

  • Press the bell once and the driver will stop in the next safe location