Go North East has a passion for customer service and is committed to providing the best possible service for all of our customers.
Open Data
On our website, you can download the source data that we use in our digital services.
We make a positive contribution to the communities we serve.
Providing services that customers want, need and value is fundamental to our business as we seek to attract and retain customers.
Our people
It is important for us to be an organisation that values and respects its employees.
Our services
Around 175,000 people use Go North East bus services every day.
Advertise with Go North East
Bus advertising can offer a range of formats to suit different budgets and can be targeted towards specific audiences.
Welcome to our Enthusiast Area
We live and breathe buses so we like to encourage anyone with an interest in our buses and services.
Safety and security
100% of our fleet fitted with CCTV cameras inside and out to provide a safe and secure environment.
Throughout the years, we have won a number of awards that we are very proud of. Take a look at our 'roll of honour'.