Tap On, Tap Off

Tap On, Tap Off

Tap On, Tap Off is the new convenient way to pay for your travel using contactless, Google Pay or Apple Pay on Voltra services 53 and 54. We'll automatically work out the best fare for you and it's as easy as 1, 2, 3...

  1. Tap on – when you board the bus, simply place your contactless card on the reader (or smartphone that has Google Pay or Apple Pay) – wait for the beep and an 'Accepted' message on the display, then you're good to go. You don't even need to tell the driver where you're travellling to.
  2. Tap off – when you leave the bus, tap off at the exit reader and wait for the display to show 'Accepted'. If the reader is not working, you can still tap off using the ticket machine you used at the start of your journey.
  3. Journey history – you can check your journey and fare history online.

On which services can I use Tap On, Tap Off?
At the moment Tap on Tap off is only available on Voltra services 53 and 54. If you need to use other Go North East routes as well as Voltra you will need to continue to buy your tickets on the Go North East app or on the bus.

How do I use Tap On, Tap Off?
Simply follow the 3 steps shown above using your Visa / Mastercard payment card or device that has Google Pay / Apple Pay.

How does Tap On, Tap Off work?
Your fare is calculated based on where you get on and off the bus and will work out the price based on this – £1.30 per journey in and around Gateshead and £1.60 going to/from Newcastle.

If you travel make multiple journeys a day on Voltra 53 and 54, we’ll cap the total you pay each day to £3. If you make multiple journeys in a week we’ll cap your weekly price so that you never pay more than £13 in a week – the same price as our great value £13 Voltra WeeklySaver.

How can I check what I am paying for my travel?
You can check your journey and fare history online.

What if I forget to tap off?
You will be charged a £1.60 single fare to the end of the route. If you do forget to tap off and are overcharged as a result, you can get in touch with us by logging into your account at mytrips.uk.littlepay.com/go-north-east or contacting our customer services team.

Can I still use cash or contactless card to buy a paper ticket on the bus?
Tap On, Tap Off is a quick and easy alternative way to pay for your ticket but we appreciate that not everybody will want to buy their tickets in this way. All of our current range of tickets will still be available on the Go North East app or from the driver and can continue to be bought using a contactless card or cash.

Will I get a ticket?
No, when you use Tap On, Tap Off it's completely touch free. You won't receive a ticket but you can check your journey and fare history online