Better Fares
We have 4 simple GoZones, meaning you can travel further with your ticket. There are two simple choices – one zone or all zones.
Discounts for everyone aged between 5 and 25
We have discounted day, weekly and monthly tickets available to everyone aged from 5 up to and including 25.
Singles and Returns
If you're only an occasional traveller, then our single or return fares will be your best option.
Day tickets
We have tickets for adults, young people and family groups.
Weekly tickets
If you travel more than a few times a week, our weekly tickets will be a better option than buying singles, returns or day tickets each day.
Flexi 5 tickets
Your usual weekly ticket but split over any 5 individual days for up to a month.
Monthly tickets
If you travel regularly, a monthly ticket is your best option.
Multi-operator tickets
A range of tickets available covering journeys on multiple operators, including Go North East, Tyne & Wear Metro, Stagecoach and Arriva.
Concessionary travel
Free travel is available for all local residents over 60 and at pensionable age or registered disabled with a concessionary bus pass.
Tap On, Tap Off
A new and convenient way to pay for your travel using contactless, Google Pay or Apple Pay on Voltra services 53 and 54, and QuayCity Q3.
key connect
key connect is a gateway to cheaper and greener bus travel for your business and employees.
the key
If you've got a key smartcard you can buy tickets for your card online.
Revenue Protection
Get a ticket not a criminal record. Travelling without a valid ticket could get you a £1,000 fine plus a criminal record.