Hexham service improvements from 25 July

2 months ago Fri 2nd Jul 2021

Hexham service improvements from Sunday 25 July

From Sunday 25 July, in partnership with Northumberland County Council, we will be introducing improvements to services in the Hexham area.

To view the new timetables, simply head to our timetables and maps section, click on your service and change the calendar to your desired date.

X-lines X84 & X85

  • New evening and Sunday journeys will also be introduced on service X85, offering more choice and faster journeys into Newcastle at these times.
  • Service X85 will no longer operate to Newbrough and Fourstones, which will be served instead by new Tynedale Links service 687.
  • During the day, most journeys on service X85 will commence from or terminate at Hexham Bus Station, but some morning and evening journeys will extend to St Andrew’s Cemetery, maintaining direct connections to Newcastle for commuters.
  • To provide faster journeys between Hexham and Newcastle, service X85 will no longer serve Horsley or Heddon-on-the-Wall. Passengers from Horsley can use Cross Pennine service 685, and passengers from Heddon-on-the-Wall can instead use service 685 or X-lines X84.
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Tynedale Links 680

Tynedale Links 682

  • This service will operate between Hexham and Corbridge via Corchester Lane, replacing service 686 on this section of the route.
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Tynedale Links 683 & 684

  • The Hexham town service will be improved, offering a more frequent service and new connections to the shops at the northern end of the town by stopping at the bus stop on Haugh Lane next to Aldi.
  • All journeys will operate as service 683, and continuing to serve East End, Hexham Hospital, Hexham Bus Station, Priestpopple, Wydon Park, Beaumont Park, Dickson Drive and Priestlands.
  • The frequency of the service around these areas will be increased, so there are two buses per hour for much of the day to all locations along the route
  • Once per hour, the service will be extended to Haugh Lane, offering direct connections to this part of the town for many residents.
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683 map

Tynedale Links 686

  • This service will run between Ovingham and Prudhoe only, with a revised timetable.
  • The section of route between Hexham and Corbridge will be replaced by new service 682.
  • Any customers from Ovingham, Ovington and Wylam wishing to travel to Corbridge and Hexham can continue to do so on X-lines X84, and any passengers from Prudhoe and Crawcrook wishing to travel to Corbridge and Hexham can continue to do so on Tyne Valley Ten.
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NEW Tynedale Links 687

  • This is a new service, operating between Hexham, Fourstones and Newbrough, replacing X-lines X85 on this section of route.
  • The service will continue to operate up to every hour at the busiest times of day, and will run once every two hours when fewer passengers are travelling.
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Tynedale Links 688

  • This service will continue to provide connections between Hexham, Allenheads and Allendale, but with an improved timetable, with all journeys extending to Allenheads.
  • The service will no longer operate to Haugh Lane, instead terminating at Hexham Bus Station.
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Tynedale Links 689