Flexi 5 tickets

Flexi 5 - calendar

We've introduced a new range of tickets on our app to help people who work part-time and those who are working more flexibly.

We recognise that some workplaces are still not fully open and social distancing remains in place, so a new range of Flexi 5 tickets have been introduced to cater for the more flexible style of working the region is seeing at the moment.

Flexi 5 allows you to buy a ticket for the usual price of your weekly ticket but split it over any 5 individual days. You'll have up to a month to use them.

The tickets are now available on the Go North East app, with the options and prices as follows:

  • 5 to 25 – £17
  • One GoZone – £20
  • All Go Zones – £25
  • X9 | X10 North – £25
  • X9 | X10 South – £25
  • X9 | X10 Plus – £35

So, whether you're working more flexibly or only attending your place of education a couple of days a week, our new Flexi 5 tickets offer even greater value for money.