Changes to bus stops in Newcastle from 16 May

2 weeks ago Thu 12th May 2022

Changes to bus stops in Newcastle

Due to the ongoing development works on Pilgrim Street, there will be some changes to bus stops in Newcastle from 16 May.

VOLTRA 53 and QuayCity Q3

  • From 16 May, these services will serve a new stop outside Theatre Royal instead of Market Street West.
  • The Q3 heading towards Great Park will move from Pilgrim Street near Virgin Money to a new stop on Pilgrim Street outside Hoochie Coochie.


Green Arrow 97

  • From 16 May, this service will move stops on Market Street West, and will join other Tyne Bridge services in terminating at Market Street East.


Coaster 1

  • From 16 May, the route will be revised from Gateshead to Newcastle via Redheugh Bridge, observing stops along the route, and moving its main stop from Market Street East to Market Street West.
  • From 21 May, there will be a new timetable to reflect this longer route. This means that Coaster 1 will no longer serve Bournemouth Gardens in Whitley Bay, instead terminating in the town centre.
  • It will still serve Bournemouth Gardens on Sundays.
  • View new timetable from 21 May

Pilgrim Street map