Revenue Protection

Revenue protection - don't be the odd one out, get a ticket

Travelling without a valid ticket could get you:

  • £1,000 fine
  • Criminal record
  • £60 penalty fare

You must be in possession of a valid ticket for the journey you are making. All tickets are issued and accepted subject to our conditions of carriage.

We are committed to making it as easy as possible to buy a ticket for travel and ensure that all of our customers enjoy a safe, reliable and pleasant journey with us. We are also committed to reducing and preventing those who try and avoid paying the correct fare on our services.

We will be vigorous, effective and consistent in all our dealings with fare evasion and revenue protection activity, using relevant legislation and powers to ensure that we protect the interest of all our customers who pay for their journeys.

A criminal record could result in you losing your job and getting a new one very difficult. We will always try and prosecute anyone travelling without a valid ticket. You are required to give us your name and address. 

To protect our revenue we:

  • operate a Penalty Fare Scheme which means that anyone who does not have a valid ticket for their journey will be liable to pay our standard fare.
  • prosecute criminal fare evasion in a court of law
  • seek financial compensation for costs and damages incurred

What is a penalty fare?
An on the spot fare issued to anyone who does not have a valid ticket for their journey. The Go North East penalty fare for everyone is £60. This reduces to £30 if paid immediately to the supervisor issuing the penalty fare on the bus or within seven days of issue if paying by debit/credit card over the phone.

What if I don’t pay the penalty fare?
If the penalty fare is not paid you may become liable to legal proceedings which can result in a court summons, a fine and if prosecuted a criminal record.

What if I want to appeal against a penalty fare?
You can appeal against a penalty fare by contacting our revenue protection team at: