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Viewing the timetable for service 6

Newcastle - Metrocentre - Whickham - Watergate Estate - Sunniside - Flint Hill - Burnopfield - Tanfield Lea - Stanley - South Moor - Burnhope - Lanchester

Disruptions affecting this line

Short notice journey cancellations

5th Nov 2021 - 10th Feb 2022

Due to the current national driver shortage which is affecting all sectors, some journeys are not expected to operate. A full list can be viewed by clicking on the banner at the top of the page or the title of this update. If you're using our app, please click on the link shown below.

Service changes from 30 January

12th - 31st Jan 2022

  • Affected routes:
  • X-lines X1
  • X-lines X5
  • X-lines X10
  • X15
  • X-lines X20
  • X-lines X45
  • X85
  • Connections 4
  • 6
  • Tyne Valley 10
  • 10A
  • 10B
  • Durham Diamond 16
  • 16A
  • Red Kite Ranger 47
  • Tynedale Links 680
  • Tynedale Links 683
  • Tynedale Links 686
  • Tynedale Links 687
  • Tynedale Links 688
  • Tynedale Links 689

The number of people returning to places of work and needing to travel has and continues to change as a result of the pandemic, affecting both the demand for our services, and where and when we see congestion on our road network. From 30 January, we will be implementing some service changes to better match service capacity to long-term demand expectations, and continuing our work to adjust schedules in response to new traffic congestion issues. A full summary can be viewed by clicking on the title of this update, or if you're using our app, please click on the link shown below.

Metrocentre bus station evening stand changes

30th Jan 2022 - 21st Feb 2022

  • Affected routes:
  • X-lines X45
  • 6
  • Tyne Valley 10
  • 10A
  • 10B
  • Red Kite Ranger 47
  • 49
  • 49A
  • 67
  • Green Arrow 96
  • Green Arrow 97

To try and reduce ASB on an evening, some bus station stand doors are to be locked from 18:30 on an evening. From 30th January at 18:30 could you catch your bus from the following stands. X45/X46/47/47A to Consett use stand E 6 to Stanley and 97 to Whickham use stand E 49/49A to Gateshead 67 to Wardley, 96 to Gateshead use stand K 6/10/10A/10B/47/47A to Newcastle use stand K Daytime stands are unchanged. Daytime stands remain unchanged

Route map

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