The Go North East app

Buy tickets, see where your bus is on our live bus map and departure boards, find your nearest bus stop and plan your journey. Available on the App Store and Google Play Store


Buy for now, save for later, or gift to other people. M-Tickets can be kept on your device for when you need them. When using your ticket on the bus, simply place your phone under the QR code reader on the machine and wait for the beep.

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Journey planning

If you are unsure which route to take our planning tool identifies the best and quickest option for your journey.

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Live times

Never be uncertain of when your next bus is coming again. Our departures feature counts down in real-time until the bus arrives.

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Live tracking

Track your bus in real-time on a map and view the next stop on your journey.

Download the Go North East app

How to activate and use a ticket

Ticket Gifting

To gift a ticket to a friend or family member, simply follow these three steps: 

  1. Buy the required ticket on your account
  2. On the 'Thanks for your purchase page' click on 'Send to another person'
  3. Send it via e-mail

The ticket will automatically be added to the recipient's account and a confirmation e-mail will also be sent.