Ticket Terms and Conditions

  1. The validity of adult tickets are covered by these terms and  conditions. Adult tickets can be purchased, stored and used on the key smartcard. The use of the key smartcard is covered by our terms and conditions of use for the key.
  2. Adult tickets offer a range of tickets for travel on Go North East services. Adult tickets are valid for travel by one person (the person named on the key smartcard if being used), per ticket, per journey within the Go North East ticket zones for the ticket purchased. 
  3. Adult tickets are valid until midnight or end of service (whichever is later) on the expiry date of the ticket.
  4. Adult tickets are not valid on our night bus services which run overnight and have an “N” in front of their service number.
  5. Where multibuys of tickets are purchased on the key smartcard each ticket is stored independently of the others. A ticket will start when it is first used on the bus after the previous ticket has expired.
  6. Unless you buy Multibuy tickets which can be used over 3 or 10 different days, longer term tickets are valid from the date of activation running on consecutive days for the duration of the ticket.
  7. Passengers wishing to travel outside of the validity area of their ticket must pay the appropriate fare from the last stopping point in the area covered by their ticket to their final destination.
  8. Tickets are not transferable and may be used only by the person for whom the ticket was purchased (and named on the key smartcard if being used for). If a ticket is transferred, it will be confiscated and both the person to whom it was issued and the person to whom it was transferred or attempted to be transferred, will be liable to prosecution. 
  9. The law states that it is an offence for a passenger to use, or attempt to use, a ticket which has been altered or defaced, a ticket issued or another person where that ticket is not transferable, or an expired season or other such ticket without reasonable excuse. The company will prosecute passengers who break the law in this way.
  10. Ticket holders do not have priority over other passengers and the company cannot be held liable for the consequences arising from any lack of accommodation on a particular journey.
  11. On boarding passengers must present their ticket to the driver for inspection or if using the key smartcard, present the key to the key reader on the bus for electronic inspection, or to the driver if requested.
  12. Tickets, including those on the key smartcard, remain the property of the company. Any holder shall not attempt to use their ticket after the expiry date, and any person endeavouring to travel by the use of an expired ticket will be liable to prosecution.
  13. Tickets are issued in accordance with our conditions of carriage and terms of use of the key smartcard.
  14. We have a standard refund policy which applies in all cases.
  15. This policy will be subject to revision and Go North East reserves the right to change this policy without notice.