Get around this winter for £2

3 months ago Wed 1st Nov 2023

Get around for £2

The Government funded cap of £2 on all adult single bus tickets has been extended!

This means that you can continue to travel on any of our local bus services, at any time of the day, for just £2.

A few 'short hop' single and return fares will remain less than £2, so you will not pay any more than usual for your journey.

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How can I buy my £2 ticket?

You can buy your £2 fare ticket from the driver - either with cash, or your contactless bank card - just state your destination, and the driver will issue you with the discounted fare.


What exactly is the £2 bus fares cap?

The cost of an adult single bus fare is a maximum of £2 in England, excluding London. This is being funded by the Government to ease cost of living pressures over the winter by helping people save money on their travel costs. 

What journeys does it cover?

The £2 adult single fare will cover all journeys by participating bus operators on local bus services. Go North East is participating, so any journey you take on our local bus services will be included. If you normally buy a return ticket, this will be capped at £4. 

Is there a maximum distance?

No, there isn’t a maximum distance.

What payment methods are included?

All payment methods are included. You can pay for your ticket in cash or using contactless card/device - you won’t be charged more than £2.

My usual fare is below £2. Does this mean it will go up to £2?

Some 'short hop' fares cost less than £2, and will therefore remain unchanged, so you will not pay any more than usual for your journey.

Does this cap cover child fares as well as adult fares?

Our great value £1 21 & Under single will remain at its current price.

Are the prices of other tickets, such as weekly, monthly and multi-trips affected by the cap?

No, these tickets will remain the same as they are now. Depending on how often you travel, you may find that the £2 single fare is cheaper for you. This will depend on the type of ticket you purchase - please get in touch with us if you aren't sure.

I have a concessionary ticket and get free/discounted travel. Will I have to pay £2?

As part of the offer, you won't pay more than you usually do for a journey. If you were previously paying less than £2, or if your journey was free of charge, nothing changes.

What happens if I change buses - do I have to pay £2 twice?

Yes, you do. The fare cap only applies to a journey on a single bus. If you're travelling on more than two buses in a day, it will likely be cheaper to purchase a day ticket for the zone you are travelling in - check out our range of tickets here.