Wheelchairs and buggies

  • We endeavour to make our vehicles inclusive to all of our customers and this includes making it as accessible as we can for disabled people and those with buggies. We are therefore working hard to ensure our entire fleet of buses and coaches meets the needs of those of our passengers who use wheelchairs or are in buggies. The majority of our buses and coaches are already able to accommodate wheelchairs, approved mobility scooters, prams and buggies.
  • Wheelchair and approved mobility scooter users receive legal priority for the use of the designated wheelchair space and, if a customer wishes to board with a wheelchair or approved mobility scooter, the designed space on the vehicle will be made available by all reasonable means. 
  • Wheelchairs, mobility scooters, prams and buggies must not block the gangway of our buses or coaches at any time and the dimensions of any mobility scooter must be in line with the requirements according to the buses safety limits.
  • Customers are legally obliged to vacate the wheelchair dedicated space and, if you boarded with a buggy or pram, to fold and store them in the luggage space. We apologise for the upset this may cause small children. However this is in accordance with the law so we do appreciate your cooperation.
  • It goes without saying that we will ensure that our drivers and our vehicles comply with the laws applicable to those who are disabled or using buggies. This includes ensuring our vehicles are equipped with appropriate bus lowering systems or the appropriate folding or retractable steps and these must not be operated by other than the driver or conductor whenever they consider that a disabled person will need the system to get on or off our buses and coaches. Where there are infrequent services along your route, we will do everything we feasibly can to assist and, if we are not able to provide a suitable vehicle to allow you to get on and off safely, we will arrange for a taxi service where appropriate so to do.