• We want you to feel secure when travelling on our vehicles.
  • You must not behave in a way that affects the security and the safety of our staff, our customers and other road users and pedestrians. If you behave in such a way that the security and staff are affected, you will be asked to leave our bus or coach immediately and we will (if appropriate) seek appropriate legal redress to remedy the damage, loss or injury you cause.
  • We operate CCTV on many of our vehicles to ensure that issues, such as theft, assault and poor behaviour, can be monitored and, where appropriate, footage of such incidents can be passed onto the police and other appropriate authorities should they so request and we believe it is consistent with the provisions of the Data Protection Act 1998.
  • We will always comply with our obligations under the Data Protection Act 1998, the Human Rights Act 1988 and such other relevant legislation in the handling of CCTV footage.
  • We will not be responsible to you for any loss, damage, injury, inconvenience or cost you suffer or may suffer as a result of your abusive or threatening behaviour which gives rise to your removal from our bus or coach and / or from any action taken against you by the appropriate authorities.