Our Tickets

You are responsible for making sure you allow plenty of time to get to your destination (or to places where you are picking up connections to continue your journey) and for using the correct bus stops when travelling.

In order to travel with us you must purchase a valid ticket or hold a valid pass or permit for the journey you wish to undertake. At no time will you be permitted to travel on our bus or coach if that ticket, pass or permit (i) has been altered, copied, defaced or damaged; (ii) has been issued to a person different from the person who is travelling on our vehicle (other than where such ticket, pass or permit states it is transferrable); or (iii) has expired.

If you buy a ticket when you board our services, you should ensure you are given a new ticket directly from the ticket machine which corresponds with the amount paid and covers you for the entire journey you wish to make.

  • It is also important to check any change and point out any discrepancies to the driver at the point of purchase as it will not be possible for us to correct any mistake later. Whilst we will aim to always have sufficient change available, we reserve the right to not accept or give change for notes of denominations of £20 or more. If the driver does not have sufficient change, they will issue a ticket for your journey and will try and obtain change during your journey. Any change which is not collected at the end the journey can be collected from the travel offices at Metrocentre or Washington, once confirmed with our customer services team, or the value can be provided in complimentary travel if you are not prepared to go to the travel office. Any unclaimed change will be sent to charity after this period.
  • Please keep your ticket, Smartcard, pass or permit to travel throughout the journey you are making as a Company Official may ask to inspect your ticket. If you fail to produce a valid authority to travel for the journey, you may be asked to leave the bus or coach or you may be asked to pay the maximum single fare on the route being travelled or our standard fare. Please note that we will be unable to refund your fare should you later find the missing ticket or pass.
  • All tickets, passes and permits remain the property of the operator or ticket issuer and may be withdrawn at any time.
  • The issue of a ticket should not be regarded as an undertaking by us that that our buses or coaches will run at any time or at all or that there shall be sufficient space on the bus or coach for you to board. A seat can only be guaranteed if you are using an airline e-ticket and if you travel on the timed service which has been booked.
  • If a customer is found to be fraudulently using, copying, producing or adapting our range of tickets, passes and permits to travel that customer will be liable to prosecution by us.
  • All of our drivers have full details of fare information and these details are available on request. Further, all of our fares are set out on our website and are also available at our operator’s offices.
  • Single and return tickets are normally only valid on the day they were purchased unless a different arrangement has been clearly advertised. On single tickets you are not permitted to break your journey and if you do you maybe liable to pay for another ticket. Return tickets are valid for travel on any bus that goes along the same corridor irrespective of route. Return tickets are also valid for travel on another service that terminates at the same destination. Return tickets are only valid for one outbound and return journey and once punched are no longer valid for travel.
  • Details of the range of tickets for different age groups are available on our websites and will be subject to change. Conditions for these tickets are shown alongside this information on our website. This change will be notified to customers via our website and information displayed on our vehicles.
  • We accept English National Concessionary Travel Scheme passes for travel on the majority of our services. We do not accept cards from Scotland, Wales, Channel Islands and Northern Irelands as these are not valid for travel on our services. Where such schemes do exist, we are required to comply with the relevant terms and conditions laid down by the local authority. However, if you are travelling under a concessionary fare scheme, we agree to carry you on our buses upon these terms: by boarding our bus, you agree to comply to these Conditions. 
  • It is your responsibility to prove your entitlement to these concessions when wishing to travel on our buses. This can be done by placing your English National Concessionary Travel Scheme pass on the smartcard reader on our buses for electronic verification. If our buses are not fitted with such readers, you should produce your pass to the driver for authentication.
  • If you are not in possession of an English National Concessionary Travel Scheme pass, you will be required to pay the appropriate adult fare.

Full details of the scheme are available by contacting the relevant local authority.

We also participate in a concessionary travel scheme for children in Tyne & Wear operated by Nexus. Nexus Under 16 POP Cards are issued by Nexus and are valid for travel under the terms of the travel concessions scheme which are available from Nexus at Nexus House, St James Boulevard, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE1 4AX. If you are eligible for such a card, it is your responsibility to prove your entitlement by showing to our driver or other member of staff a valid Nexus Under 16 POP card. If you fail to do so, you will be charged the adult fare for the journey made.

We have a standard refund policy, which applies in all cases. All tickets, passes and permits remain the property of the operator and may be withdrawn at any time.

Other points of which you should be aware when using a ticket:

  • Day Tickets are valid for until close of service on the day of issue (or activation in the case of tickets on mobiles and smartcards).
  • Tickets for one week or more are valid until the close of service on the day of their expiry.
  • M-Tickets (including day and weekly paper tickets) are valid for travel only within the validity dates stamped on the pass and the zone(s) indicated. They are valid for you to use only and you must show the ticket to the driver for authentication.
  • Fares are arranged in stages and, if you get on a bus at a stop between stages, you will be charged as from the previous stage. Similarly, passengers getting off between stages will be charged to the next stage.
  • You can purchase tickets on the internet and these become invalid if not used within six months of the date of purchase or within 90 days in the case of “the key” smartcard if not collected (key card tapped on card machine on the bus or in retail store).
  • Certain vouchers, normally issued by the bus operator, can be accepted instead of cash or as part payment for a ticket. Details of the vouchers cash value will be set out on the voucher. Vouchers must be exchanged with the driver to obtain the valid ticket for travel. 
  • You must not override the validity for the ticket or pass you have purchased. Should you be found to be travelling further than your ticket entitles you to you will be required to pay the maximum fare for an equivalent adult single fare from your initial boarding point until your new alighting point.
  • Tickets are not transferrable. You should apply to our customer services team if you believe your circumstances have changed and you would like to transfer your ticket to another person.
  • We are not obliged to replace your ticket, pass or permit to travel if it is lost, damaged or stolen: a new ticket needs to be purchased to allow you to use our services. In the case of Smartcards, it is within our discretion as to whether or not a replacement will be issued (and / or if an administrative charge will be incurred by you for such replacement).
  • If your ticket is spoiled or tampered, it will be invalid for travel and, if you attempt to travel with that ticket, you will be considered to have travelled without a valid ticket.
  • If your ticket is spoiled or tampered prior to travel, then we may replace your ticket if you ask for a replacement a reasonable time before your travel and you provide to us proof of purchase, your identity and a reasonable explanation as to why your ticket was spoiled or tampered. We may refuse to replace your ticket if it is reasonable so to do. We may also charge a reasonable administration fee for replacing tickets.