Our responsibility to you

  • Our aim is to provide to our customers a reliable and friendly bus and / or coach service to the highest standards of safety, comfort and cleanliness.
  • Our employees work hard to ensure these services operate on a reliable and punctual basis everyday and we take pride in providing a quality service to our customers. Unfortunately, given the nature of our business, and the difficulty of controlling the road space upon which we depend, there maybe occasions when we simply cannot provide the standard of service which should be consistently expected and delivered. We may therefore have to temporarily or permanently alter the route, frequency, times and fares without prior notice.
  • Whenever this happens, we will work hard to get things back on schedule and we will learn from experiences as we encounter them. Sometimes there are factors which are outside of our normal control and we will work hard to ensure that the disruption to your journey is kept to a minimum. Examples where this could happen include unplanned road works, diversions, exceptional traffic conditions, major events, extreme weather conditions and other unforeseen operating circumstances.
  • There may also be occasions where we are unable to operate a service or, where we do operate a service, that service may become very full and, whilst we will always try and put on additional bus or coach services, in these circumstances we may not be able to guarantee a seat or, worse, you may not even be able to board our bus or coach.
  • Communication with our customers in these circumstances is still key and we will make every effort to notify to you of disruptions in the event of cancellation, delay, diversion or termination of service so you are able to make informed decisions. As well as announcements made by our staff or on local radio, television and advertising, we do this through our website and by using social media.
  • However, we are unable to accept any responsibility, and will not be liable, to you for any loss, damage, injury, inconvenience or cost you suffer or may suffer as a result of any of the circumstances arising in the preceding paragraphs under the heading “Our responsibility to you”, unless such loss, damage, injury, inconvenience or cost can be proven to be due to the negligence of either us or our staff (if they are acting in the course of their employment). Your statutory rights as a consumer are, though, not excluded or limited.