Lost property

  • Any item that is left on a bus or coach and subsequently found be a member of our staff, it will be dealt with in accordance with the applicable laws.
  • When something is lost on one of our buses or coaches we will do everything we reasonably can to locate and return property left on one of our buses to its owner. However, we will not accept any responsibility or liability for any article left on our buses or coaches in any circumstance.
  • If items of lost property are not claimed within one month the item will become our property and it will be disposed of appropriately. 
  • If the item of lost property is perishable, it will be thrown away after a period of 24 hours if not claimed before this time. If, before 24 hours, the item becomes a potential health risk, or causes offence, it will immediately be thrown away.
  • If you find an item of lost property on one of our buses or coaches, you should inform the driver before leaving that vehicle of the location of the item of lost property. You should not touch or move the item if it looks suspicious.
  • Should you wish to claim an item of lost property, we will need to establish that the item belongs to you. You will also need to provide proof of your name and address and describe the item of lost property or explain the contents of an item so we can establish you as the owner. 
  • If the item of lost property is a bag, or other container, it may be opened and examined by us in order to help identify the owner and the nature and potential value of the lost property. We do not accept any responsibility to you if, as a result of opening the bag or other container, you suffer any loss, inconvenience, damage or cost as a result.
  • There may be an administration fee charged to you on collection of an item of lost property. Items of lost property will normally need to be collected from one of our offices depending on where the item was lost. We may also agree to post the item of lost property back to you. In these circumstances, we will require advance payment of the postage and packaging before we are able to do this.