Buying tickets

We have three quick and easy ways to buy tickets for your journey.

Travelling now?

  • Go North East app - buy tickets for instant use on your phone. Tickets can be bought and used immediately or stored for future use. You can buy great value day, weekly and monthly tickets.
  • Pay on the bus - if you don’t want to use our mobile app but want to travel now you can pay on the bus with cash or by using contactless.

Buying tickets for the future?

  • Go North East app - you can buy and store tickets on our mobile app. You'll have up to 3 months to activate any tickets you purchase on the app.
  • key smartcard - if you don't want to use our mobile app, you can also buy and store tickets on a key smartcard.

Buying tickets for someone else?

  • Ticket Gifting on the Go North East app - if you buy tickets for family members, it's easy with our mobile app. You can buy tickets and gift them to another mobile as long as you both have an account on our app.
  • key connect - if you're an employer you can set up a key connect corporate online account and buy tickets for your employees.