Our Buses

Easy Access buses are now allocated to every one of Go North East’s regular local bus services. These enable all Go North East customers, including wheelchair users, people with buggies, people with assistance dogs and other mobility issues, to get on and off easily.

  • Our drivers will stop at all bus stops where there are passengers waiting unless a clear signal is given that the bus is not required.
  • To make travelling easier, we have been introducing next stop announcements on many of our routes. These audio announcements keep you informed of the approach to bus stops and major destinations so you can sit back, relax and wait for your stop to be announced.
  •  Our fleet is fitted with CCTV cameras inside and out to provide a safe and secure environment and we continue to invest as CCTV technology improves. Two-way radio communication enables our drivers to instantly summon assistance. A vehicle location system using mobile technology is soon to be installed. This will immediately pinpoint the location of any bus or incident, improving response times and passenger support.

Access Ramps

  • The majority of our low floor buses have ramps which are unfolded by hand by the driver who will try to anticipate your need for the ramp to be deployed. If you require the ramp, please inform the bus driver who will assist you.
  • To improve the reliability of ramps on our buses, we have made a conscious decision to move away from problematic mechanical ramps. Instead, we have an ongoing programme to replace them with manual ramps on all of our buses. This is already delivering dependable ramp operation to many users.


  • There are clearly visible vertical and horizontal handrails at appropriate places on all of our buses. Entrances and exits have handrails on both sides.


  • The large sized bell pushes can be worked by the palm of the hand and are placed at sitting and standing height throughout our buses. There are also blue bell pushes in reach of the wheelchair space. Use of this bell alerts the driver.

Route and destination

  • Our approach to route branding has been found by many people to be very helpful – unique combinations of colours and logos for about 50 of our routes help distinguish which bus to catch.
  • Routes and destinations are shown on the front, side and/or the back of the bus. They comply with best practice so that they can be easily seen, however if you are blind or partially sighted and require help, please ask and the bus driver will announce the service number and destination.
  • Please inform the driver if you require assistance to identify your destination. The driver will then announce destinations as they are approached unless the bus is fitted with a “next stop” announcement system.