Easy Access Guarantee

We continue to be the only bus operator in the region to offer a full Easy Access Guarantee to cover all circumstances.

  • The Easy Access Guarantee provides reassurance that if a passenger using a compliant wheelchair or any other mobility aid, is unable to board a Go North East bus because of a non-operative ramp, there is no space in the wheelchair bay, or a non-accessible bus is allocated to an easy access route, or for any other reason, a complimentary accessible taxi will be offered to the customer.
  • The guarantee applies if the wheelchair space is already in use by a disabled passenger, or if other passengers refuse to vacate the space after being requested to do so by the driver. Although wheelchairs, mobility scooters, walking frames and disability adapted pushchairs have priority in the dedicated wheelchair space, the driver may depend upon the co-operation of other customers to vacate this space for a passenger who is disabled.
  • This guarantee applies to anyone using a wheelchair, mobility scooter that complies with the necessary restrictions on size and weight explained in this guide, walking frame or disability adapted pushchair for a disabled child.