5 to 25 fares – your questions answered

Why are we making these changes?

We realise that young people are an important part of our business as the full fare paying customers of the future. To help ease the transition from fares for young people to adult tickets, our range of day, week and month tickets are available to those aged up to and including 25 (with ID). 

Summary of prices: 

  • Day (£4.50), weekly (£17) and monthly (£68) tickets - now available to those aged up to (and including) 25. 
  • Under 19 single fare now £1.20, having been frozen in price for the last three years, and available on the bus from the driver.
  • New ID arrangements required for anyone over 16, or looking over 16. People travelling on school bus services or in school uniform do not need to show ID, although we do recommend that those over 16 carry some ID.  We appreciate that they maybe a delay in getting an ID card so we will be sympathetic in the early days of this change to avoid any problems.

Our student ticketing range is being harmonised into our 5-25 fares. There will no longer be a separate range of student tickets as most students will complete their University education by the age of 22/23, thus leaving three further years to cover extended education and early employment. 

Following the introduction of our Better Fares in July 2019, a great range of tickets are also now available for adult customers, making the switch from 5-25 tickets to adult tickets go as smoothly as possible.



Which forms of ID will be accepted for travel?
Over the summer we undertook comprehensive research with a series of focus groups with young people across the region to understand their wants and needs for bus travel, their perceptions of value for money and what forms of ID they already carry. Based on this research we’ll accept UK ID cards, Young Persons 16-25 Railcard, Transport ID cards (including Stagecoach VIP, Network One Young Persons ID card and Arriva Teen) or photographic driving license or passport.

What if I look over 16?
If you’re 16, or look older than 16, you must show ID. Unfortunately, if you’re unable to do so you must pay the appropriate adult fare for the journey you’re making. 

What happens if I'm under 16 but still get asked for ID?
You may still get asked for ID if you're under 16 but look older. Anyone aged under 16 can still apply for a CitizenCard, so we would advise to carry ID with you at all times. Remember, if you're travelling in school uniform then you won't require ID.

What if I use an M-Ticket – do I still need to show ID?
If you’re 16 or over (or look over 16) ID should be shown when using all 5-25 tickets, including those already purchased.

I don’t have any ID – what can I do?
The easiest options if you do not have any other type of ID are the Validate UK or Citizencard ID schemes which provide an accredited means of proving age for young people. CitizenCard currently are offering a discount when you use code GONORTHEAST at citizencard.com

What if I have a ticket that I bought before 8 September?
Any tickets you have will remain valid until their expiry. Any unactivated tickets will be available up to 3 months from the time you bought them.

Is the discount up to the age of 25 or can 25-year-olds buy and use the discounted tickets as well?
The range is valid up to and including the age of 25 (effectively up to your 26th birthday).

Can I use a student card as ID?
Unfortunately, most student IDs no longer act as proof of age – with many not showing dates of birth. For this reason, we will not accept student ID as proof of entitlement for 5-25 tickets.

Can I use a photograph or photocopy of my ID?
We will only accept original copies of ID as proof of entitlement. Unfortunately, photocopies or photos can be easily edited.

Are there any plans to launch your own ID scheme?
Our research has suggested that young people want to carry one single ID for travelling and socialising. Based on the feedback of our customers we have chosen the wide list of easily available IDs.

Using passports and driving licences as forms of ID
While we do accept these as legitimate forms of identification we recognise that replacing either of these types of documents can be difficult should they become lost or mislaid.  We therefore recommend that you consider obtaining a proof of age card which can be replaced far more easily if it has to be.

Why can't I use my student ID to buy a 5 to 25 ticket?
We have discounted our range of tickets for 5-25 year old's based on age, rather than educational status or occupation.  Therefore we do not accept student cards as a form of identification.  There are so many forms of student ID, issued by a range of organisations, that for consistency and to enable us to verify legitimate ID, we can only accept the following forms of ID: 

  • UK ID cards (photographic identity cards bearing the national Proof of Age Standards Scheme (PASS) hologram)
  • Young Persons 16-25 Railcard, 
  • Transport ID cards (including Stagecoach VIP, Network One Young Persons ID card and Arriva Teen)
  • Photographic driving license or passport.

Ticket FAQs

Can customers that are aged between 19 and 25 buy discounted single fares?
£1.20 single tickets are only available up to the age of 19. If you’re aged between 19 and 25 though you can travel on our great value Day, Week and Month tickets. These are specifically designed to support those travelling regularly, rather than making occasional/single journeys on our buses.

Will students and apprentices still get discounted tickets?
The new range is valid for anyone up to and including age 25, regardless of whether you’re in education or not. This replaces the current range of tickets for students. For mature students our range of adult tickets will continue to offer excellent value for their journey.

Will these discounted tickets for people aged between 5 and 25 cover all zones?
Yes, these tickets will cover all zones including the X9|X10. The only exceptions are the AD122 Hadrian’s Wall Country Bus, NewcastleGateshead Toon Tour, Night Bus services N21 and N56 and other special event services where special fares apply.

Will there be a grace period for customers that already have £1 single tickets on their mobile app?
Any customers who already have £1 tickets on the app will have up until 31st December 2019 to use them. 

Will there be any changes to POP card prices or Network One child tickets?
These ticket prices will remain unchanged.

How can customers pay for their tickets?
Cash, contactless or pay using a Nexus Pay As You Go POP card.

I attend Park View School in Chester-le-Street/St Bede’s in Lanchester. How will this affect my fare?
Under 19 single tickets on these routes will remain unchanged at their current price.